Practical Theology and Poetics

Practical Theology and Poetics


Heather Walton:

This informal network exists to promote the exchange of ideas and encourage the development of new practices in the following areas:

  • The use of creative writing in the communicating research undertaken in Practical Theology to wider audiences
  • The way in which writing style interacts with research methodology enabling insights to be drawn from reflexivity, self examination and autoethnography
  • The relationship between Practical Theology and artistic practice
  • The use of metaphor, image and symbol in pastoral, cultural and political practice.
  • The impact of affective, mystical and imaginative approaches to practical theological engagement.

Those interested in these, and related areas, are invited to share their work, to post bibliographies and to notify other members of the network of conferences, events and cultural productions relevant to these themes.

(Executive Committee Liaison: Pam Couture: