What are the most important books in Practical Theology? In search of the ‘must read’ list of essential readings, members of IAPT have been invited to contribute to this list. Three lists are available on this website:
1. As IAPT members are among the leading authors in this field, here is a list of their publications. The list is not complete and members are invited to add their titles here.

2. Which books are essential to read according to IAPT members? Based on 30 nominations (excluding self-nominations), here is a list (in PDF) of titles ordered by alphabet:

Ordered by alphabet

3. The same titles, ordered by the number of times each one has been nominated:

Ordered by number of nominationes

Members can add their contributions to these lists.

Contributions to the list were made by Paul Ballard, Riet Bons-Storm, Don Browning, Pam Couture, Ed Foley, Brigitte Fuchs, Ruard Ganzevoort, Robin Gill, Elaine Graham, Etienne Grieu, Rod Hunter, Brian Kelty, Terence Kennedy, Carol Lakey-Hess, Rune Larsson, Daniel Louw, Norbert Mette, Bonnie Miller-McLemore, Julian Müller, Jean-Guy Nadeau, Doris Nauer, Malan Nel, Rick Osmer, Stephen Pattison, Maria Power, Friedrich Schweitzer, Jack Seymour, Terry Veling, Marcel Viau, Cas Vos, and Klaus Wegenast