Membership fees and Donations

Membership fees and Donations

On this page members across the world can pay their membership fees (dues) safely and simply using credit cards or paypal accounts. Payments and Donations in the same currency can be combined in one transaction, but payments in two different currencies – for example dues in US dollars and conference fees in Euros – require two transactions. Choose the appropriate currency and status (regular or retired); “add to cart” and choose “view cart” to proceed to checkout. Please contact the treasurer if you have any questions.

To become a member of IAPT, a scholar must be nominated by two current members of the academy, and subsequently be endorsed by the Executive.


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Scholarship Donations

IAPT wishes to sponsor colleagues from underprivileged contexts in order to allow them to participate in the conference. This enhances our work, expanding our dialogue with practical theologians in different regions and supporting the development of the discipline in diverse regions.

Read here about the difference this has made for one Brazilian scholar:

“The participation at the IAPT conference allowed me to be in contact with people from different countries and theological backgrounds, giving me insights in my theological reflection that I probably would not get otherwise. It also helped to establish contact with colleagues and their theological reflections through publications in Brazilian theological journals and in this way also engage students in a more international theological discussion. At the same time it is a way of exchanging research and knowledge from the perspective of Latin America where in the last decades there has been a quite rich discussion in the field of Theology and Religious Sciences.”

–Valburga Schmiedt Streck, Brazil

If you want to make a contribution, please use our donation button in USD or EUR, which will bring you to a Paypal-page where you can pay directly by credit card.

If you want to apply for funding, please contact the president (

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